Wi-Fi is the cornerstone of your digital lifestyle at home.

Remember life without Wi-Fi? Neither do we. It’s the foundation that connects all of the wireless devices in your home to each other, and to the world using the internet.

For a great Airhome experience we recommend using the Apple AirPort Extreme® Wi-Fi Base station and we’ve compiled some key tips to make everything you do on your home Wi-Fi better.

Let’s get this straight right out of the gate. The Wi-Fi box that comes with your internet connection just doesn’t work well.

When you subscribe to an internet service from an Internet Service Provider (ISP), they supply a free modem / Wi-Fi combo, and we all know why it’s free; because it’s cheap.

Quality Wi-Fi matters a lot when you stream all your content wirelessly.

Literally every form of online communication and entertainment is now enjoyed with a robust and reliable Wi-Fi network. For a premium Airhome experience, we recommend using Apple AirPort Extreme® Wi-Fi Base Station.

Use the modem, lose the Wi-Fi

You can disable the ‘Wi-Fi’ in your modem / Wi-Fi router combo by looking up the tech specs online or by contacting your ISP and asking them to turn it off for you.

The next step is to replace the Wi-Fi by simply connecting the modem directly to the AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi Base Station.

The AirPort Extreme® is like a really fast car that’s built like a truck.

Think sports car meets Humvee. Super fast and tough as nails. That’s the kind of Wi-Fi network that drives a great Airhome wireless experience.

Blazing fast network speeds over 1 Gbps

6 antennas for excellent Wi-Fi range and speed

Simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5Ghz

802.11ac for ultra fast audio/video streaming

compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n devices, including Airhome™

user friendly configuration using the AirPort Utility® app

You might need more than one AirPort Extreme

We recommend using 1 x AirPort Extreme to cover 1,500 sq. ft. of home. If you have a 3,000 sq. ft. home, that means you’ll need 2 x AirPort Extremes.

AirPort Extreme Guidelines:

It’s also important to place the AirPort Extreme as close as possible to the center of each 1,500 sq. ft. area of home.

Dual-band Wi-Fi rocks. When setup properly it’s like driving on an Interstate with six lanes of commuter traffic - everybody gets everywhere faster.

When you connect computing devices like smartphones and computers to the 5GHz network and you connect peripheral network devices like Airhome and thermostats to the 2.4GHz network, streaming internet can reach maximum potential speeds. That means web pages load faster, apps download faster, and music and movies play smoother with less dropouts.

Make sure to keep all Wi-Fi devices and the Airhome system within range of the AirPort Extreme access points.

If your streaming device such as your iPhone or iPad is not within range of the AirPort Extreme access point, audio won’t play. If you’re playing audio and you leave the Wi-Fi range, the audio will cutout.


All devices are within range of the AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi network.


Streaming audio will not work because only the Airhome is within range of the AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi network.

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